Peg Phillips Catering – Chef Peg Phillips

Peg Phillips brings more than 20 years of catering and restaurant experience to her private catering business. As a personal chef, Peg knows of the importance of healthy eating. She works with local growers providing her clients with the freshest of ingredients. Currently, a personal chef on the east coast. Peg is no stranger to the restaurant business. She was once head chef/owner of both Josephine’s Caffe’ in Sun Valley, Idaho and the elegant French restaurant Cafe’ Maisonette in San Francisco, California.

Her professional experience also includes a six-year apprenticeship in culinary arts. Peg’s superb cooking skills and flair for orchestrating feasts took her into her own catering business; first as chef/owner of Cooks Catering Company of San Francisco, California and presently of Peg Phillips Catering Company in Northern New Jersey/ New York City.

Cooking Classes for Kids

As a Mom, Peg also understands the importance of teaching children healthy eating. She has successfully implemented a program (on the West Coast), where children learn basic cooking skills, safety in the kitchen, preparing healthy snacks and cleaning up. This cooking class can provide a place for children to learn the importance of feeling good about themselves.