Chef Luella Semmes – Kitchen Companion Personal Chef Service

Inspiring. Informative. Experienced. Each meal is well-planned and given personalized attention. Long Island Personal Chef, Luella Semmes is professionally trained from The Culinary Institute of Education (ICE) in Manhattan and is the 2009 Scholarship Winner for an Internship with Restaurant Nora in Washington DC. Prior to her education at ICE she worked as a chef’s assistant at the school for 3 years.

“I was very lucky to grow up in a household with a home-cooked meal practically everyday of the week!” “When I visit my clients I love hearing that my delicious meals are saving them a lot of time and money or simply encouraging their family to sit together at the end of the day.”


  • Cooking Classes
    Do you want to learn how to cook various cuisines, learn basic techniques or unique ways of preparing food, or how to prepare a gourmet dinner? Luella will put together a class with any menu you request plus provide plenty of helpful cooking tips.
  • Meal Preparation and Delivery
    Luella will put together a healthy and delicious menu plan based on your requirements and preferences. The food will be packaged, labeled, and will include heating instructions. All you need to do is to heat and enjoy!
  • Culinary Parties and Catering
    Luella can help you put together a memorable party for any occasion. She offers an all-inclusive plan that includes menu planning, grocery shopping, and rentals. Or she can simply help set up, coordinate and cook while you enjoy your party. Whatever your needs she’ll work with you to throw a fabulous party.

What Clients Have To Say

“I just have to tell you that my husband who is definitely finicky absolutely loved everything. Couldn’t decide which was his favorite dish. He is so glad I have all the recipes and would like you to come back after the summer to teach some new ones. You were such a pleasure to work with.”

Staci Kolins, Private Cooking Instruction
Plainview, Long Island

“Not only has Luella helped save me time on weekly menu planning, grocery shopping, and cooking but she has prepared the most creative recipes to meet my special diet requirements.”

Kristin Lombardi, Personal Chef Service

“Thanks again for everything, we were really happy with day and wouldn’t have changed a thing except for coming back to earth so soon. You were completely helpful, and I felt relatively unpreoccupied with the kitchen after I dressed up in my suit, which was the biggest worry.”

Daniel and Kathy Peterson Wedding
Philadelphia, PA

“Your recipes were a huge hit with the students! At nutrition committee, where 70 students were in attendance, they loved all of the samples. Their favorite was the frittata. The veggie lasagna was all gone before I came back from the meeting. We gave out samples all day and everyone loved them all. All in all, your visit was a “home run” for the students.”

Bonnie Scally, Child Nutrition Program Director
Half Hollow Hills
Michelle Obama’s Call to Chefs