NY Metro Personal Chefs Celebrate 5 Years – A Big Thank You to our Clients!

It wasn’t long ago, back in 2004, when I first met this wonderful group of personal chefs that are now the leading group of personal chefs serving the NY Metro area. We’ve grown to over 20 members since and are still growing as the Personal Chef industry gains a serious foot-hold in the NY, Northern NJ, Westchester and Long Island areas.

For those of you who have utilized the services of one of our personal chef members, we thank you for your patronage and continuing support of the personal chef industry!  People like you understand that personal chefs aren’t only for the wealthy or celebrities.  For the last 5 years we been asked serve you and your guests at parties, prepare your weekly meals and teach you how to cook better.  We’ve even addressed your diet issues so that you can enjoy a healthier lifestyle, or we’ve consulted with you on a variety of food-related and cooking topics.

If you enjoyed the services provided by your NY Metro Personal Chef, don’t forget to tell them.  And, don’t keep us a secret!  Tell everyone you know -  your friends, family and co-workers -  all about the wonderful experiences you’ve had that can only be delivered by a professional NY Metro Personal Chef.  We will be glad you did and will serve them our best!

We wish all our clients a successful, healthy and delicious 2009!

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