Chef Luella Semmes Featured in Long Island news

Dinner Dilemmas Solved by a Personal Chef

When I lived in Southern California as an analyst, I worked long days that started before the opening bell of the New York stock exchange (which translates into 6 a.m.). At the end of the day, as I stepped into my apartment door, the last thing I wanted to do was think about what I wanted to eat—or even worse, start cooking. So after going through a list of the main food groups in my head, it usually concluded with throwing a batch of pasta in boiling water and pouring on some tomato sauce from a jar. On better days maybe I would dig into the depths of my refrigerator to find leftover mushrooms and basil that weren’t scarred from old age. It’s a miracle that I was able to survive with this meal plan for quite some time.

After years of juggling a busy corporate schedule and evening dinner dilemmas, I eventually developed the passion to cook. I left my comfort zone and secure finance job in L.A. and moved to New York to attend the Institute of Culinary Education. After a few years of trying to figure out how to marry my enthusiasm for cooking and desire to work with my community, I stumbled onto an ad for the USPCA (U.S. Personal Chef Association), which taught me two valuable things: How I can provide excellent personal chef service and how to start and run a business. I opened Your Kitchen Companion Personal Chef Service ( and am working for people with varying backgrounds, including new mothers, retirees, working professionals, and families.

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