April Food Happenings

Ah, April. It is the first full month of Spring, so naturally we are very happy to be released from winter’s icy grasp; yet we are warned to expect “April Showers” (clearly “May Flowers” had a better PR agent); of course there is April Fool’s Day and everyone knows April 15th is income tax day…..Ah, April. A dubious month indeed! To foodies, April is National Pecan Month, National Soyfoods Month; we can participate in Share Our Strength’s Great American Bake Sale; and those feeling creative in the kitchen can enter Pillsbury Bake-Off® (this year’s grand prize is $1 million). Here’s a few other interesting food happenings from Aprils long ago. April 1873- The first commercially successful margarine manufacturing process was patented by Alfred Paraf of New York. April 1927- Clarence Birdsye patented frozen fish fingers. April 1931 – The Hostess Twinkie was sold for the first time. Did you know it originally featured a banana cream filling? During World War II there was a banana shortage, so they switched to the now familiar “vanilla” cream filling. April 1938 – Teflon was not so much invented as it was accidentally discovered. Du Pont researcher Roy J. Plunkett discovered the chemical compound polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE for short; later marketed as Teflon) in an apparently defective cylinder of perfluoroethylene gas.

April 1954 – The TV Dinner was introduced by Swanson.


Chef Glenn Burgess

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