NY Metro Chapter To Continue Spicing Up US Troop Meals with Culinary Donations

NY Metro USPCA Personal Chefs receive recognition from troops abroad for their donations of spices and other culinary tools to help chefs working in Afghanistan prepare better tasting meals for military personnel stationed there.

(PRWEB) February 14, 2008 — The New York Metro Chapter of the United States Personal Chef Association (USPCA) is proud to announce a second donation drive for culinary spices, ingredients and tools as well as personal items to be shipped overseas to bring the taste of home to our active duty troops.

In 2005, the NY Metro Chapter of Personal Chefs collected and sent donations of spices, specialty ingredients, and other items not readily available to chefs in military kitchens to Pat Day, a personal chef out of Houston, TX who put aside her personal chef business to take a position cooking for our troops stationed at military bases in Afghanistan.

In December 2007, the New York Metro Chapter of Personal Chefs received a certificate of recognition from B Company, 2-227th Aviation Regiment 1st Cavalry Division “Nightbirds” along with an American Flag which was dedicated to The New York Chapter of US Personal Chef Association Chefs and flown on a military mission in Iraq on December 10, 2007 in recognition of their support of our troops. Enclosed with the flag was a personal note from Pat Day with her thanks. “We were often under blackout,” stated Pat, “and had trouble getting many of the necessities at that time, so we had to make the magic happen in the middle of the dessert when supplies did not arrive. Thanks to your donations we won several awards for best tasting food in the region and your group helped make that happen. You wouldn’t believe how many soldiers during the holidays said it was the best home cooked meal they ever had…it really brought tears to all our eyes.”

Pat Day is now stationed in Iraq and is “still making the magic happen,” and, says Pat, “it’s all about teamwork for the troops.” The New York Metro Chapter of Personal Chefs are eager to help Pat and her kitchen team again. The Chapter is asking for local businesses along with individuals to join in this second culinary ingredient and tool drive. Specifically, the NY Metro Personal Chefs Chapter is looking for spices, seasonings, non-perishable specialty ingredients, culinary tools and any culinary items that can be shipped overseas. They are also looking for a donor to support the shipment of these donations to the base in Iraq.

“It is such an honor to have received this flag. You can’t imagine how please our Chapter members were find out how what we considered a relatively small donation, in comparison to the 4000 personnel Pat and her fellow chefs fed daily, benefited so many of our men and women serving our country in Afghanistan and Iraq,” states Jennifer Urda, President, New York Metro Chapter. “We are eager to continue to support these hardworking chefs with special ingredients that can delight and energize our troops by allowing the chefs abroad cook tasty, home-style meals. Our ability to continue collecting and sending as many ingredients as we can to Pat and her kitchen team is the best way we can show our support,” states Glenn Burgess, Vice President, New York Metro Chapter.

The 2008 Spice Drive begins February 14, 2008 and will continue for as long as the Chapter receives donations. If you are interested in donating or learning more about the NY Metro Chapter of the USPCA, please call 1-800-358-2857 or visit http://www.NYPersonalChefs.com for more information.

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